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What is involved in production line monitoring and control?

The activities of planning, monitoring and control are all required to ensure that a production process is efficient and delivers what the customer ordered.

Basically, a plan is generated to produce a certain quantity of a particular type of component to a defined level of quality. As production commences, following the plan, the inputs and outputs from various processes in the production chain are monitored so that appropriate control can be achieved to correct/compensate for variations.

Control is exercised over many aspects of the production operation and includes:

  • production flow issues
    e.g. product quantities, batch sizes and work in progress
  • quality issues
    e.g. dimensions, joint integrity, surface finish and material properties
  • production performance issues
    e.g. machine performance and yield

TWI helps its Industrial Member companies in all of these areas by providing manufacturing support, manufacturing simulation, optimising joining process selection and operation, joint quality assessment and process faultfinding.


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