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What is EMA weld?


EMA weld is a plastics joining process, developed in the USA by EMAbond. It is an implant technique, where the implant is a composite of thermoplastic with a particulate ferromagnetic filler, based on iron. This implant is trapped between the parts to be welded and is excited by the dynamic magnetic field generated by a work coil placed in close proximity to the implant. The heating is generated by hysterisis loss in the ferromagnetic material.

Unlike induction heating by eddy currents, EMA weld is able to produce long linear welds in a few seconds. Applications have included the welding of automotive and domestic appliance components.

EMA weld is able to join most types of thermoplastic except those which are electrically conductive, because of screening effects. However, the tape consumable is only produced in a standard range of thermoplastics, and consumables outside this range can be prohibitively expensive to produce.

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