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What is Comeld TM?


Comeld TM is the application of a proprietary material surface treatment technique [1] called Surfi-Sculpt® to a joint between composite materials and metals.

The photographs below show joints between a glass fibre reinforced polyester composite material and stainless steel. The control joint (left) was manufactured using conventional surface preparation techniques, whereas the Comeld TM joint (right) used conventional surface preparation techniques in conjunction with Surfi-Sculpt to produce a Comeld joint.

Control joint
Control joint
Comeld TM joint
Comeld TM joint

Comeld joints can be produced from a wide variety of metals and composite materials - such as titanium joined to carbon fibre reinforced plastic or stainless steel joined to glass fibre reinforced plastic - and using a variety of processing techniques. In the joints shown above, the matrix of the composite was used as the adhesive; however, an additional adhesive layer may be used at the interface between the composite material and metal.

The performance benefits offered by Comeld joints cross a broad range of industrial sectors including aerospace, marine, motor-sport, military and specialist construction.

Further information

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  1. Dance B G I and Kellar E J C: 'Workpiece Structure Modification'. International Patent Publication Number WO 2004/028731 A1.

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