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What is an MSDS?

  1. Identification of the substance and the company supplying it.
  2. Identification of the hazards.
  3. Composition/information on the ingredients.
  4. First-aid measures.
  5. Fire-fighting measures.
  6. Accidental release measures.
  7. Handling and storage.
  8. Exposure controls/personal protection.
  9. Physical and chemical properties.
  10. Stability and reactivity.
  11. Toxicological information.
  12. Ecological information.
  13. Disposal considerations.
  14. Transport information.
  15. Regulatory information.
  16. Other information.


The requirement to provide this information results from:

The Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals Regulations.

Further information:

HSE Guidance - Why do I need a Safety Data Sheet? (IND(G)353)

  2. HSE Guidance: - UK Reach CA Information leaflet No. 13 - Safety Data Sheets
  3. Why do I need a Safety Data Sheet? (IND(G)353).*
    * Currently awaiting amendment for REACH Regulations.

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