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What are the most common applications of arc spraying?


Arc spraying has the highest deposition rate (15kg/h or above) of the thermal spraying processes and can be used to spray large areas or large numbers of components in repetitive production line applications. Arc sprayed coatings are most commonly used for corrosion protection or component reclamation. The process is also used for depositing lower cost coatings to provide wear resistance, or electrical and thermal conductivity.

Common applications for arc sprayed coatings include:

  • Large structures, e.g. bridges, lamp posts and offshore structures, which are given corrosion protecting zinc and aluminium coatings that are anodic to the underlying steel substrate.
  • Reclamation of engineering components (journals, bearings, shafts, exhaust systems) with steels and bronzes.
  • Electronic component housings with conductive coatings (copper, zinc and aluminium) for shielding from electromagnetic interference.
  • Manufacture of moulds for plastic components using low melting point alloys (e.g. Sn/Zn alloys).

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