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What are the disadvantages of arc spraying?

The main disadvantages associated with arc spraying include:

  • The process can be used to spray only electrically conductive materials that are available in a suitable wire form. It is not suitable for spraying cermets or ceramics, although hard particles can be introduced via the use of cored wires.  
  • A large amount of fume and dust is produced, requiring the operator to wear suitable breathing apparatus and protective clothing.
  • In general the coating quality does not match that achieved using plasma and HVOF spraying processes. However this is not an issue where metallic coatings are used as sacrificial corrosion protection rather than as barrier coatings.  
  • Arc sprayed coatings generally contain more porosity and higher amounts of oxide and have lower bond strengths compared with coatings deposited by plasma and HVOF spraying. Control of the spray parameters can reduce the oxide.

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