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Extrusion vs hot gas welding for thermoplastic fabrications


Frequently Asked Questions

Extrusion welding is more cost effective for manufacturing welds in thick section materials because the joints can be made more quickly than with hot gas welding. An extrusion welding machine can lay down in one pass the equivalent of several hot gas speed runs. For thick section joints, there is a distinct reduction in overall fabrication time. Although the initial outlay for capital equipment is higher (around £2,500), this would soon be recouped as a result of increased output and faster turn-round times.

To fabricate high strength extrusion welds, it is important that the correct parameters are used and that a skilled operator does the work. In addition, because extrusion welding is a single pass process, rather than needing a series of multi-pass speed runs as in hot gas welding, there is a reduced risk of imperfections and joint contamination being introduced through operator error.

After the operator has undergone suitable training on the use of the extruder, he or she will be able to weld a fabrication with enhanced aesthetic appearance, due to the quality of weld achievable. The ability to weld in any configuration is also possible by using pre-formed interchangeable welding shoes.

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