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What are the benefits of microwave welding of thermoplastics?


Frequently Asked Questions

The potential benefits of this technique over conventional methods are shorter weld times and non-contact processing. Commercially, the benefits of this new technique will be in terms of a reduction in capital cost of equipment, particularly for welding complex components. For example, a typical automotive component such as a bumper or dashboard assembly may require several welding operations. Welding equipment to carry out these operations can cost over £100,000. Microwave implant welding should reduce the entire process to a single operation, with the capital cost of equipment only half that of the original technique. A further saving will be gained because the equipment is not dedicated to one application and can be used to process a variety of components without major tooling costs and changes.

It should be emphasised that microwave welding is still under development and is not currently a commercially available process. Therefore, the feasibility of each potential application must be investigated thoroughly at the present time.

TWI is equipped to carry out feasibility trials and can also help companies design and manufacture microwave welding equipment specifically for their own applications.

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