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What are the advantages of flame spraying?

Flame spraying is widely used despite development of more advanced spraying systems. It has distinct advantages over other processes, in particular ease of application and low cost, provided that the coating quality is acceptable.

  • The process is simple in design and easy to operate.
  • Flame spraying equipment is portable and suitable for manual use without the need for mechanised manipulators.
  • Little operator training is necessary to use the equipment.
  • Dust and fume levels are lower than those associated with arc spraying, and noise levels are lower than found with plasma and HVOF spraying. The process can be used without a spray booth, if adequate dust extraction is provided.
  • Manual flame spraying can more easily coat components with complex geometry.
  • Equipment costs are much lower than for HVOF and plasma spraying. The lower consumable costs (whether powder, wire or rod) and relatively high deposition rates mean that the deposited coating costs are much lower than for most other thermal spraying processes and comparable with those for arc spraying.

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