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What are ceramic adhesives?


Ceramics can be readily bonded using conventional organic adhesives. However, the temperature capability of these adhesives is severely limiting, for example epoxy and phenolic adhesives can be used up to a temperature of about 150°C. Since ceramics are often used for their high temperature capabilities, ceramic adhesives are most frequently used.

A number of ceramic adhesives have been developed which offer a service temperature of up to 2200°C. These are based on inorganic binders such as alkali silicates and various metal phosphates, with a carbon, alumina, silica, magnesia or zirconia powder filler. These ceramic-based adhesives are available in one- or two-part systems, and have a physical form similar to organic adhesives. The binding agent typically undergoes a reaction with the ceramic powder to give a refractory ceramic that bonds to a ceramic base.

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