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What is a PERT diagram?


Frequently Asked Questions

'PERT' is a tool that was developed by the United States Department of Defence to manage complex military projects. It is an acronym for 'Program Evaluation and Review Technique'. This technique was soon adapted for used in educational research and evaluation of industrial projects. Through PERT, complex projects can be blueprinted as a network of activities and events (Activity Network Diagram).

Advantages of using a PERT Diagram

  • PERT charts can become very complex if detailed networks exist, but they force the manager to consider staff and other resource requirements for the project in detail.
  • To demonstrate best- and worst-case project scenarios, most PERT charts identify three time estimates: most optimistic, most pessimistic, and most realistic.
  • PERT charts are very useful in large, complex studies where overlooking details may create problems that are difficult to resolve.
  • PERT charts are frequently used within an organisation for detailed evaluation planning.
  • The Critical Path of a PERT chart highlights important interim deadlines that must be met if the overall evaluation study is to be completed on time.

PERT is not for everyone, nor is it intended for use on all projects.

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