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Is it easy to weld titanium and titanium alloys?


Frequently Asked Questions

All common titanium alloys can be fusion welded, or joined using solid state processes.

There is one particular precaution that should be taken when welding titanium and its alloys: always ensure that the weld region is clean and is protected with an inert gas while the area is hot. This avoids embrittlement of the weld by contamination through air or carbonaceous compounds. When this is adhered to, titanium, and its more frequently used alloys, is fairly easy to weld with all processes, and is not subject to many of the weld cracking problems experienced with ferrous alloys.

Welding titanium should be undertaken only in conjunction with technical consultation. Contact us if there is any possibility that unfamiliarity with the material may lead to problems.

Further information

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See further information on Materials and Corrosion Management or please contact us.  


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