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I would like to undertake an experimental design analysis of my adhesive bonding operation. What process variables should I use?


Frequently Asked Questions

The most appropriate set of variables depends on the specific process. The following list outlines a typical set of process variables for an adhesive bonding operation:

  • Adhesive type
  • Adhesive application (spread or applied in spots; thickness of adhesive)
  • Ratio of resin to hardener
  • Moisture content of the substrates prior to bonding
  • Humidity during mixing/application
  • Effectiveness of cleaning/degreasing of the substrate
  • Presence/type of surface pre-treatment
  • Adhesive shelf-life and pot-life
  • Open time of the joint before closure
  • Cure method
  • Cure time
  • Cure temperature
  • Joint design

It would be usual to carry out screening experiments to identify the critical process variables, followed by more refined designs to identify a robust manufacturing process.

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