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How much does it cost to set up and run a clinching system?


Frequently Asked Questions

Clinching is suitable for high volume applications and can be readily automated. It is an inexpensive, low energy process which requires minimal maintenance.


Wide-ranging features and different levels of sophistication make it difficult to compare the capital costs of commercially available systems. Options range from simple, hand-held units to multi-head systems with double-acting punch and dies and self-centring heads, for example.

Capital cost of equipment is dependent on the size and power capacity, and the following examples are only intended to give an initial guide. Detailed costs and comparison with other processes should be conducted on a case-by-case basis in discussion with equipment or system suppliers.

Typical approximate costs -

  • £3k to £5k for small, portable, single-tool clinching machines
  • £10k to £20k for floor-mounted, single-tool clinching machines
  • £20k to £250k for mechanised, dedicated, multi-head or robotic installations
    (greatly depends on particular application, i.e. complexity of component, production volume, etc)

Costs associated with operating clinching systems include -

  • Electricity:
    2 - 5kVA for a small, hand-held unit
    5 - 10kVA for a larger or faster-acting system
    (depends on power consumption of hydraulic power-pack)
  • Tooling:
    £150 to £300 for a punch and die set
    (tool life is typically 100000 - 200000 joints in steel sheet, slightly lower when clinching aluminium; provision should also be made for earlier replacement in the event of damage by a mechanism other than wear but some individual parts can be replaced or refurbished)
  • Labour costs:
    - operator (or supervisor for automated systems)
    - tool condition checks and periodic maintenance (very low)
    - quality control (very low if automatic process monitoring used)

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