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How do you weld malleable cast iron by MMA (SMAW) welding?


Frequently Asked Questions

Whiteheart malleable cast irons are best welded with a nickel-iron electrode (AWS A5.15-90 : ENiFe-Cl) to obtain acceptable weld metal machinability, maximum strength or for thick sections. Care should be taken to limit weld penetration as far as possible, otherwise cracking may occur.

All cast iron welding requires care. If in doubt, contact an experienced practitioner.

Further information is available in:

Welding of cast irons- a guide to best practice

C.L.M.Cottrell, 'Welding cast irons', published by TWI, Abington, Cambridge, UK, 1986 and available from Woodhead Publishing, Abington, Cambridge, UK. e-mail:
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Guide for Welding Iron Castings - ANSI/AWS D11.2-89 (R2006), American Welding Society, Miami, Florida, USA. e-mail:
ISBN 0 87171 295 4

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