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How do you weld austenitic cast iron by MMA (SMAW) welding?


Frequently Asked Questions

Austenitic flake graphite cast irons may be welded with a nickel iron electrode (AWS A5.15-90: ENiFe-Cl). This may also be used for welding the austenitic nodular cast irons although the choice of filler material is often more critical to obtain the requisite toughness and heat resistance. A Ni-Cu electrode has been used successfully, but a 20%Ni-Fe-Mg electrode has been developed to reduce cracking.

It is advisable to apply both preheat and stress relief in the welding of austenitic cast irons. Preheat of 320-330°C and post-weld stress relief of 600-620°C followed by slow cooling is appropriate.

All cast iron welding requires care. If in doubt, contact an experienced practitioner.

Further information is available in:

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