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How do I check the specification of a power source?


Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a suitable power source design for the welding process, it is important to check that the specified power source will be suitable for the intended job. Information about a new power source can be obtained direct from the manufacturer or from the product literature. For an existing power source, the handbook can be consulted but often the Rating Plate information is all that is available. Any power source made to a National, European or International standard should have a Rating Plate similar to the one shown in Fig 1. This plate provides information about the manufacturer, supply requirements, performance and suitability for use. For equipment built in the last few years the Rating Plate should conform to IEC 60974-1 [EN 60974-1] (1).

Fig.1 Rating plate
Fig.1 Rating plate

(1) IEC 60974-1 Arc welding equpment, Part 1: Welding power sources, 2005

Extracted from an article entitled 'Let's get technical - choosing an arc welding power source' by W Lucas and G Melton, published in Welding & Metal Fabrication, Vol.67, No.4, May 1999, pp.18-21. (Publishers - dmg BusinessMedia Ltd, Redhill, Surrey, UK - )

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