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How can printed circuit board warpage during wave-soldering be overcome?


Frequently Asked Questions

Warpage occurs for a number of reasons. The conveyor may not be set wide enough, the board may bow naturally because it cannot withstand the solder wave temperature, or the weight of components on the top surface may be too much for the board as it is heated by either the preheat or the wave.

The easiest way to overcome this is to use edge strips which when fitted to the front and rear edges of the board, prevent bowing across the board width. The strips can be cut to suit the board. A pallet can also be used, which gives the board support around its entire edge, but can take significantly longer to introduce into a process.

Despite these measures, the board may still warp when it relaxes after the soldering process. A reduction in the preheat and solder temperatures may help, as would the specification of a stronger, more temperature resistance board material.

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