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How can I tell if my Responsible Welding Co-ordinator is properly qualified?


Frequently Asked Questions

BS EN ISO 14731 states that the company will nominate the Responsible Welding Co-ordinator, and therefore assessment of the acceptability of his qualifications and experience (i.e. competence) is based on the company's own judgement. There are no mandatory qualifications defined in the standard. However, a potential customer in reviewing compliance with ISO 14731, or ISO 3834 which calls up ISO 14731, may wish to inspect and approve the competence of the Responsible Welding Co-ordinator, or any other persons having the designated Welding Co-ordination responsibility. It is obviously therefore within the power of the customer to demand particular qualifications and evidence of experience as a pre-requisite of placing the contract with the company.

In such a situation, the customer may insist on welding co-ordinators being qualified in accordance with the European Welding Federation or International Institute of Welding scheme which is referred to in an Appendix to the standard. Companies may therefore wish to explore the possibility of getting their welding co-ordinators qualified in accordance with this scheme

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