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How can friction welding be used for repair?


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many approaches to using friction-based processes for repair. Hole filling can be done with matching material using friction taper plug welding, or other hole filling processes. If matching material is not required, either friction plunge welding or 3rd body welding are possible, but care needs to be exercised as these processes do not necessarily produce a metallurgical bond.

Metal can be deposited using friction seam welding or friction surfacing. Friction stir welding has been used to re-make defective fusion welds, eliminating cracks, porosity and other defects. Rotary and linear friction welding have the potential to replace parts of structures.

Most friction based repair techniques have the advantage that they can work in hazardous environments (underwater, irradiated etc), but have the disadvantage that it is normally necessary to bring the repair to the friction machine, although some processes are portable, or have the potential to be made so.

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