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Do degradable plastics have a place in the medical/healthcare sector?


Frequently asked questions

The special properties of degradable plastics make them invaluable in a range of medical applications including the following:

  • stitches - these are useful in internal operations where the stitches degrade gradually in body fluids, rather than having to be cut out
  • drug capsules - the capsule degrades, releasing its contents into the bloodstream at a controllable rate
  • implants - degradable plastics have been successfully used in the repair of ligaments and tendons, and for screws in bone implants; the implants degrade in a controlled fashion to be replaced by the gradual growth of biologicalt issues
  • waste sacks - contaminated hospital garments can be placed in a degradable sack and the loaded sack put in a washing machine; the sack breaks down in water, removing the need for contaminated garments to be handled

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