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Can I bond Teflon?


Frequently asked questions

Teflon is a Du Pont trademark for polytetrafluoroethylene (CF 4) n or PTFE as it is often referred to. The material has a very low surface energy making it difficult to adhere things to, hence its extensive use as a non-stick coating, for example on cookware.

It is generally necessary to undertake some form of surface preparation prior to bonding, such as a flame, corona discharge or plasma treatment or an etch with a solution of sodium and naphthalene in tetrahydrofuran. There are proprietary primers available also. Once the surface is prepared, a range of adhesives can be used including, epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylics and rubber based systems but practical trials are recommended for each application to identify the most suitable adhesive(s).

Companies including Loctite, and 3M have developed specialist acrylic based adhesives that bond directly to PTFE (DP8005 and 3030 respectively) with no need for pre-treatment other than solvent wipe. Additionally, double-sided tape may also offer a solution.

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