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As a manufacturer, can I use a weld procedure approved by a separate organisation?


Frequently asked questions

Yes, there is nothing to prevent you from using the procedure. However, you cannot transfer the procedure approval or qualification (WPAR, PQR) if this has been carried out to either BS EN ISO 15614 Part 1 or 2 or ASME IX except in very specific circumstances and by agreement from your client and any regulatory authority. BS EN ISO 15614 Pt 1 and 2 permit procedure approvals to be used to support a WPS provided that the workshop or site in which the welding is performed is under the same technical and quality control of the organisation that performed the procedure approval. This can lead to problems if the sub-contractor is independant of the organisation with, perhaps, its own QA system in place and its own technical staff. ASME IX permits the transfer of approvals but, again, there are restrictions as to how this may be done. If two fabricators wish to share procedure approvals then how this is administered and controlled must be described in the QC/QA systems of both organisations.

Therefore, except in these specific circumstances, procedure approvals cannot be transferred.

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