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Electron Beam Technology Developments

Electron beam expert, Dr Colin Ribton talks about the latest EB developments for industry.

The benefits and future developments in industries such as Automotive, Oil and Gas, and Power are discussed, along with how the technology aligns with manufacturing and government schemes such as clean energy, AI, Net Zero, Industry 4.0, and much more.

Colin Ribton is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Having worked in Electron Beam with TWI since 1985, his work has seen him involved in the computer modelling of electron optics and high voltage components, the design of high voltage power supplies, the design and optimisation of radiation shielding, real-time control system architecture, magnetic systems, the design of digital and analogue electronics, and the development of processes to manufacture major components in power generation, nuclear, aerospace and medical applications.

Colin is on the organising committee of the Electron Beam Technologies Biannual Conference, is published widely on electron beam gun design and is the inventor or co-inventor on several granted patents, including the RF excited plasma gun and the array probe device for measuring electron beam intensity.

He has also project led TWI’s activities within European and UK government funded collaborative projects looking at higher productivity additive manufacture (3D printing) using electron beams for the aerospace industry.

Podcast hosted by Mike Emmett.

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