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Watch: New GeoSmart Project Video Released

Wed, 29 May, 2024

A new video has been released by GeoSmart project stakeholders based in Iceland, offering insights into the potential of geothermal energy as well as the challenges that are being addressed by the project consortium.

Project Manager, DagurIngi Olafsson is joined in the video by Dr Rauan Meirbekova, Senior Research Scientist at Taeknisetur; Dr Samuel Scott of the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland; Pvald founder Professor Pall Valdimarsson; Landsnet’s Birkir Heimisson; Harpa Betursdotiir, Director of Stakeholder Affairs and Administration for ON Power; Landsbankinn’s Head of Sustainability, Adalheidur Snaebjarnardottir; Professor Maria Sigridur Gudjonsdottir of Reykjavik University; and Alma Stefansdottir, Geothermal Specialist at Landsvirkjun.

Between them they deliver an overview of the benefits and challenges of harnessing geothermal power, as well as how Iceland can set an example for other nations in the use of geothermal resources.

The stakeholders highlight the uses of geothermal energy, including direct heating and electricity production, and how geothermal can support other renewable energy resources to provide a complete energy mix for a large proportion of the world’s population.

To help achieve these goals, the 19 project partners are pooling their knowledge and resources to solve challenges ranging from the silica scaling that can limit the temperatures at which geothermal resources can be exploited through to questions of sustainable finance and reaching the environmental goals of the Paris Agreement.

Watch the video, below, to get an overview of how GeoSmart is helping to progress the potential of geothermal resources to a reality with the support of demonstration sites in Turkey and Germany:


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Grant agreement 818576

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