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TWI Launches New Cold Spray Repair Project

Wed, 29 May, 2024

TWI is launching a new Joint Industry Project (JIP) to improve and industrialise cold spray repair, to provide potential benefits including cost savings, waste reduction, increased uptime of assets, and fewer requirements for spares and inventory.

Those organisations joining the JIP as sponsors will gain access to structured frameworks and information to assist informed decision-making with regard to repair options and resource allocation. Plus, a common framework and adaptable document packs will help with the rapid adoption of cold spray technology for those joining the project.

Why Cold Spray?

Many structures and assets are removed from service as a result of relatively minor damage caused by corrosion, foreign object damage, or wear. However, a reliable, repeatable and cost-effective repair strategy can ensure components remain in service, eliminating the need for costly replacements, asset downtimes, and the need to hold stock for replacements. Repairs also reduce the energy and CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing and replacing parts.

Many of the current fusion or weld-based repairs undertaken on metallic components add significant heat input into the materials, altering the underlying microstructure and often leading to the degradation of mechanical properties. These type of repair are also challenging for oxygen-sensitive materials like aluminium and titanium that require an inert environment. In addition, residual stresses imparted as a result of weld-based repair can create unacceptable part distortions or fatigue life degradation.

Cold spray technology offers the deposition of well bonded, dense metallic layers without significant heat input. Because the process is entirely solid state, it can be used to process materials that would prove challenging as a result of oxidation, segregation, or cracking, such as aluminium. This makes cold spray an excellent candidate for repairing high value components and returning them quickly and cost-effectively back into service.

TWI and Cold Spray

We have been conducting research into cold spray since 2007, including several research and development projects for our Industrial Members and leading large-scale programmes of work for government organisations.

TWI has pioneered new developments in cold spray processes and has world-class cold spray facilities including a newly commissioned TKF-1000.

By drawing upon our expertise and understanding of cold spray, this JIP will support the adoption of the technology and aims to save sponsors time and costs associated with qualifying and approving new repairs.

You can find out more about the project, including the full objectives, programme of work, and how to join by downloading the PDF, below:

PROP310955 Cold Spray Repair JIP - pdf - 330kb

For more information please email: