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TWI Collaborates with ThinkOrbital to Weld in Space

Tue, 23 January, 2024

A collaboration between TWI and ThinkOrbital has led to the development of an electron beam system designed to autonomously weld structures in space. The system will be tested during its inaugural space launch this year.

TWI Ltd, in a pioneering partnership with ThinkOrbital Inc., has been actively involved in the design of a state-of-the-art electron beam gun for in-orbit fabrication. ThinkOrbital is a start-up company committed to revolutionise the new space economy with scalable, cost-efficient space structures. Their flagship product, ThinkPlatforms, leverages mature technologies reconfigured for autonomous assembly of space stations in a single launch. This innovation opens new horizons in satellite servicing, space debris processing, in-space manufacturing, on-orbit storage and refuelling, space tourism and scientific research.

The electron beam team at TWI's Cambridge facility in the UK has been at the forefront of electron beam technology development for over 50 years. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of designs catering to the needs of leading global manufacturers, for welding, additive manufacturing and other material processing applications.

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