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Materials Testing Work Nominated for Net Zero Award

Thu, 02 May, 2024

We are pleased to announce that project work undertaken at TWI has been nominated as a finalist in this year’s Gas Industry Awards.

The awards, which began in 1998, are organised by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) alongside the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) to recognise and reward the achievements of individuals and organisations working in the gas sector.

The nominated project, which is being undertaken alongside DNV, INEOS Grangemouth, Pipeline Integrity Engineers (PIE) Ltd, SGN, and Ofgem, is investigating the repurposing of a traditional, high-pressure, natural gas pipeline to hydrogen service.

The natural gas pipeline being investigated is representative of those used widely across the UK and further afield.

With the project also including a comprehensive testing of ancillary fittings and operational strategy, the next steps for the project include commencing the construction of a hydrogen supply pipeline.

The project has been nominated for the Net Zero Innovation Award and is indicative of the work that TWI is doing in this and other related areas to help address the challenge of future fuel supply and clean energy provision.

We are proud to have developed a close working partnership with SGN's LTS Futures project team, and TWI invested in the development of a purpose-built hydrogen testing facility, which is being used to deliver this work.

Such an investment allows us to deliver on industry requirements in working towards a net zero future. In addition, it allows us to carry out underpinning research in this area, which can be used to establish guidance on the effect of gaseous hydrogen with respect to structural integrity.

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