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Infographic: TWI and NDT for the Nuclear Sector

Tue, 04 June, 2024

TWI has a renowned track record of provision of NDT services and support to the nuclear industry, including:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Validation and Qualification
  • Procedure Development
  • Bespoke Inspection Solutions
  • Audit / Independent Qualification
  • Training and Certification

This support is based upon our world-leading capabilities in a range of advanced NDT inspection solutions.

TWI’s NDT nuclear project development and qualification services include:

  • Validation and qualification of inspection procedures, equipment and personnel to comply with nuclear regulatory bodies and standards
  • Third party audit services and Level III NDT review of inspection procedures and technical justifications
  • Code compliance guidance and support to working groups for the integration of new technologies for future deployment on nuclear plant
  • Bespoke inspection solutions and procedures for complex geometries, exotic materials and high temperatures
  • Design and certification of radiation resilient sensors and deployment platforms
  • Modelling for justification of selected NDT techniques
  • Training of qualified operators for site implementation of specific procedures

For further information on these services, including key development areas in this sector and our activities relating to code and regulatory compliance, see the PDF infographic, which is available for download, below:

TWI Nuclear Sector NDT Infographic - pdf - 99kb

For more information please email: