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Gravitricity Becomes a TWI Industrial Member

Wed, 22 May, 2024

Underground energy storage specialists, Gravitricity have joined as Industrial Members of TWI. Founded in 2011, Gravitricity have been developing a gravity energy storage system based on weights and winches that means they can be deployed anywhere, including decommissioned mine shafts.

Having filed a patent for their technology on 2012, Gravitricity’s team of engineers went on to construct, commission, and operate a 250kW, grid-connected gravity energy storage demonstrator project at the Port of Leith in Scotland in 2021 and develop their innovative underground hydrogen storage technology.

Working with industrial partners including those from across the supply chain, Gravitricity have created partnerships, or signed MoU’s with industry experts from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Africa and the USA.

Speaking on their TWI Industrial Membership, Gravitricity said, “Gravitricity are pleased to have joined TWI to support the ongoing development of our twin underground energy storage technology streams. Primarily we consider TWI will be an invaluable resource for our underground hydrogen storage system – H2FlexiStore. The challenges of large-scale pressurised hydrogen containment require expert input from several disciplines and Gravitricity is confident that TWI will be able to provide exceptional assistance. Furthermore, Gravitricity hopes that membership of TWI will provide a unique opportunity to meet other organisations who have skills and expertise that can support our technology on the path to commercialisation.”

As Industrial Members of TWI, Gravitricity will be able to access a unique package of benefits including impartial consultancy and technical support services, access to knowledge, information, technologies and innovation, and opportunities to join a range of research programmes.

We would like to welcome Gravitricity to TWI and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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