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Developing a Welder’s Tool to Inspect Multi-pass Arc Welds

Wed, 05 June, 2024

TWI has been working on the development of a welder’s tool for the intermediate inspection of multi-pass arc welds.

Recent R&D efforts have been directed at developing an inspection tool that can be used by welders to inspect each weld pass before the next is deposited.

This included developing and trialling a number of technologies necessary for the inspection of welds at elevated temperatures, before processing the inspection data for automated flaw detection.

Following an initial feasibility study, which was completed in 2023, we are now developing a data processing module that will demonstrate how technologies from the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used effectively to interpret ultrasonic data gathered from such welds.

Building upon the outcomes of this R&D activity, we plan to launch a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with a small group of Industrial Members in early 2025 to validate the prototype inspection tool in an industrial setting.

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