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Commissioning of Insheim Adiabatic Cooling System

Wed, 08 May, 2024

As part of the demonstration of GeoSmart project innovations, an adiabatic cooling system using ultra fogging technology was installed at Insheim geothermal power plant site.

This setup comprises several components: a groundwater well for water extraction, a water treatment plant for purification, buffer tanks for temporary storage of purified water, and a fogging system that disperses water through spray water nozzles situated under the existing air-cooled condensers.

All new elements have been successfully installed, and the commissioning process is currently underway.

The primary objective of implementing this cooling system is to enhance the efficiency of electrical power generation of the geothermal power plant when the atmospheric temperature is greater than 20°C and relative humidity below 60%.

In addition, feedback on the operation of the cooling system provides knowledge on the overall performance of the power plant including maintenance and operational cost and effort.

Figure: Fogging system at Insheim site in operation
Figure: Fogging system at Insheim site in operation


The GeoSmart project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 818576.

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