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Webinar: The Changing Landscape for Fluoropolymers

Wed, 14 June, 2023

Many industries have relied on the use of fluoropolymers and related chemicals (PFAS) for applications including coatings, seals, cables, firefighting foams, release agents, drilling fluid additives, and more.

However, the use of these materials is being challenged with a rise in litigation against PFAS manufacturers as a result of concerns over the bioaccumulation of these substances. This is driving more restrictive regulations around the world but particularly in Europe.

While these developments are already impacting PFAS manufacturers, there are concerns that end-users may also be affected by new regulations or even litigation.

This has created uncertainty over the continued use of these materials that could have wide-reaching impacts for a variety of industries.

We are holding a webinar to address these issues from an impartial and independent standpoint for the benefit of our Industrial Members, offering an insight into this changing landscape and highlighting the emerging challenges facing PFAS use.

The event, which will take place online on 19 July 2023, will be led by TWI Technology Fellow Dr Alan Taylor alongside Industry Sector manager, Chris Wiseman.

We aim to address this emerging situation and assess the future for PFAS use across industry.

You can find out more and register for this informative and timely event, here.

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