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TWI’s Welding Qualifier: New ASME IX/PED Update

Thu, 01 June, 2023

A new function has been added to TWI’s Welding Qualifier software to allow 2-year revalidations to be recorded for ASME IX welder qualifications (WPQs).

PED references ISO 9606 for welder qualifications and ISO 9606 require 2-year revalidations to be carried out and verified by third party notified bodies.

These revalidations are not required by ASME Section IX, which only requires the fabricator to verify that the welder has been continuously using the welding process every 6 months.

However, it is becoming more common in Europe for third party verification bodies to accept ASME IX-qualified welders being used on PED fabrication projects, providing the welder qualification documents have a 2-year revalidation similar to ISO 9606 qualifications.

This function has now been added to Welding Qualifier and can be turned on using the backstage settings.

The normal 6-month process update is still included for ASME IX qualifications, but the software’s welder maintenance/continuity log has a new tab for 2-year revalidations.

The updated software is available from and you can get more information on any of TWI’s welding software products by contacting the software team on

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