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TWI Launching New Joint Industry Project

Wed, 07 June, 2023

We are launching a new joint industry project on the topic of ‘Combined Permeation of Pressurised CO2 and Impurities through Thermosets.’

An online launch meeting for this project will be held via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday, 21 June, 2023 from 1pm – 3pm BST.

The project will assess the CO2 barrier performance of polymeric materials (primarily thermosets) as well as to establish whether transport of any impurities cause ageing in the thermoset matrix.

This is of importance to carbon capture and storage solutions as well as enhanced oil recovery operations that include steel pipe remediation or linings.

The project, which will be of particular interest to the oil and gas and power industries, will establish the use of thermosets as barrier layers in carbon dioxide (CO2) feedstocks such as water vapour, ammonia, nitrous oxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide.

Because CO2 fluid compositions vary between locations, there is a need to expose thermoset systems to different fluid compositions in a case-by-case manner. This study will establish whether some impurities are selectively blocked by the internal structure of thermoset resins and can therefore be excluded from screening studies.

The project will use TWI’s permeation facility, supported by gas chromatographs, to take measurements over several months and asses the rate of transport and trace amounts of one of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitrous oxide or hydrogen.

Where transport is detected, the flux and permeability coefficients will be calculated for each species at each pressure and temperature step to allow the activation energy for permeation to be determined. From here, diffusion coefficients can be calculated at various temperatures with the potential to estimate the solubility and enthalpy of adsorption of each component.

Using this data, it is hoped that the expected transport levels at other pressure and temperature conditions can be estimated to provide guidance as to which generic CO2 composition with impurities are relevant to assess the barrier properties and ageing of thermosets.

You can find out more about the project on the PDF, below.

If you would like to attend this launch meeting, please contact

PROP310931 - Combined permeation of pressurised CO2 and impurities through thermosets - pdf - 336kb

For more information please email: