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TWI Joins NH3CRAFT Project

Fri, 05 May, 2023

TWI is working alongside 11 other partners from 6 nations on the NH3CRAFT project to develop technologies for the high volume storage and transportation of ammonia as a fuel for ships.

The project aims to deliver the commercially attractive and safe technology for the sustainable, high volume storage of ammonia for use as a fuel on-board ships through five desktop study case ships and a scale up study.

Five fuel storage tank concepts will be studied and documented for five different vessel types as the project team assess the feasibility of 1,000 m3 storage of ammonia (NH3) in liquid form at a pressure of 10 bar. In addition, the concept will be demonstrated on a 31,000 deadweight ton multi-purpose vessel.

The vision for the project is to realise a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 while showcasing the entire NH3 supply chain to increase confidence in the technology’s use.

TWI will primarily focus on technical tasks related to safety ad risk assessment as well as evaluating the technologies and performance, including:

  • Analysis of safety requirements, assessment models/practices and their gaps
  • Preliminary risk evaluation with conceptual designs
  • Qualitative risk evaluation for detail system designs
  • Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) for ship dangerous areas
  • Development of safety assessment guidelines
  • Enhancing occupational and social health and safety
  • Lifecycle assessment of NH3CRAFT solutions
  • Lifecycle cost analysis of NH3CRAFT solutions
  • Detailed techno-commercial assessment of demonstrators and their potential for scalability
  • KPI-based evaluation of NH3CRAFT solutions and technology roadmap

You can find out more about the NH3CRAFT project at the dedicated website or by contacting


UK participation in NH3CRAFT Project is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe guarantee [grant-numbers 10038548 and 10037828].

For more information please email: