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TWI Joins I-BREAK: Landing Gear Development for Aerospace

Tue, 26 September, 2023

TWI is very excited to announce our involvement in 'I-Break,' a £22.5m ATI-funded collaborative project, led by industry and academia, focused on developing innovative technologies to manufacture and validate landing gear components.

TWI were asked to participate in I-Break and champion the efforts focused on laser and electron beam directed energy deposition (DED) technology.

TWI will use the UK’s largest digitally enabled laser DED system capable of blown powder and wire deposition, and our novel coaxial electron beam system, to develop new solutions for manufacturing large-scale landing gear components.

Carl Hauser (Section Manager for Laser Additive Manufacturing) says, “I-Break will provide a unique opportunity to explore the potential of these two innovative DED technologies. Showcasing their capabilities against both traditional and state-of-the-art manufacturing routes will help expand their potential in the aerospace industry and hopefully beyond.”

The project aims to reduce the reliance on large forgings and complex supply chains and to support the UK’s ambition for next-generation and lower carbon emissions aircraft.


The I-BREAK project has received funding from the ATI programme under project number 10003486

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