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TWI Joins COMPASS Project

Thu, 16 February, 2023

TWI has joined a consortium of companies from Iceland, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Italy and the UK for the COMPASS project.

The project is inspired by global efforts to improve the utilisation of geothermal resources by enlarging production fields downwards, allowing energy output to be enhanced without the need to expand surface infrastructure.

This is achieved by drilling into deeper, superhot formations that can yield 5-10 times more than a conventional geothermal well, significantly reducing the number of wells required.

The challenges associated with this include the integrity of the well as a result of the corrosive fluids and extreme temperature changes. Casing failures have occurred at sites where deep drilling has been attempted, showing that current well concepts, often transferred from oil and gas applications, are not suitable for this deep drilling technique.

Within the COMPASS project, TWI will work closely with Hornet Laser Cladding to design and install an internal bore cladding system at TWI’s Yorkshire office. Following installation TWI will develop corrosion protection for the casing pipes via the high speed cladding technique, EHLA (Extreme High-speed Laser Application).

Additionally COMPASS will deliver new and improved well casing technologies include:

  • Novel foam cement solutions capable of withstanding high temperatures to mitigate against casing failures.
  • Improved corrosion protection inside the casing pipes via cost effective laser cladding

These developments will be enhanced with new well designs that reduce project risks and allow for cost-effective geothermal developments in new regions and geological settings.

We are pleased to be part of the consortium working for new energy solutions for the future, joining with experts from Orka Náttúrunnar, Orkuveita Reykjavikur, Georg, Hornet Laser Cladding, ÍSOR (Iceland GeoSurvey), SINTEF, CURISTEC, COSVIG, and Technovative Solutions.

You can find out more about the COMPASS project on the dedicated project website.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº. 101084623.

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