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TWI Expert to Co-Chair and Present at EUROCORR 2023

Tue, 22 August, 2023

TWI Research and Product Development Programme Manager, Shiladitya Paul is due to co-chair the Marine Corrosion sessions at the European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR) 2023.

The conference, which is the annual event of the European Federation of Corrosion is due to start on 27 August 2023 and run until 31 August 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

As well as acting as co-chair at the Marine Corrosion sessions, Shiladitya will be presenting findings related to the Horizon 2020-funded FORGE project.

The project has been working to develop cost-effective, protective coatings based upon novel compositionally complex materials (CCMs) to provide the required hardness, chemical stability and gas barrier properties for challenging applications in energy-intensive industries such as the aluminium, cement, ceramics and steel industries.

These materials, both metal alloys and ceramics, offer improved tolerances against damage mechanisms including erosion, corrosion, surface oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement.

Shiladitya’s EUROCORR 2023 presentation is titled, "Development of High Entropy Alloys for CCUS Applications" and is co-authored by Catherine Leahy, Dibakor Boruah and Amir Shamsa of TWI alongside Krzysztof Wieczerzak of EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Jihad Zraibi and Marzuk Kamal of AeonX AI SAS, Sokkalingam Rathinavelu from the Materials Innovation Centre, and Alvise Bianchin from MBN Nanomaterials S.P.A., who are also the coordinators for the project.

The FORGE project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958457

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