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TWI Expert Interview: Tony Kraus

Thu, 11 May, 2023

Tony Kraus is a principal technician, plastic welder and inspection trainer at TWI – we took some time to find out more about his role at TWI and how he thinks it has played a part in his career.

Tony has worked at TWI for almost 10 years now, delivering plastic welding and inspector training courses to candidates globally, along with contributing to a range of different research projects, with a focus mainly on prototype plastic welding equipment development.

When asked why he joined TWI, Tony explained that he wanted a new challenge at the time, “I also wanted to take the opportunity to teach people about welding engineering. I feel I have a lot to contribute as I have been working in this field for the most of my life,” he said.

Diving further into the conversation, Tony said that he loves teaching and helping with the career progression of others, also revealing that, “I really enjoy the work that I do for our welding research projects, each project is totally unique, so it keeps me on my toes!”

Talking about the challenges of his role, Tony explained that he is really keen on thinking outside the box to produce plastic welding equipment prototypes for research projects, as well as meeting the challenge of teaching people with pre-conceived notions about plastic welding methods. He continued, “But those who know me, know that I love a good challenge.”

Tony explained that every situation is different, but he can often rely on his experience and expertise to help him through. However, if he feels really stuck, he can always turn towards his trusted team, who he described as, “A great team of people who’re always there and willing to help out.”

Tony said he would encourage anyone who intends to train with TWI to contact our principal project leader, Scott Andrews, noting, “There’s nothing he doesn’t know about our training and certification courses!”

In his perspective, Tony said that CSWIP training with TWI really adds to one’s credibility within the field of plastic welding and plastic welding inspection; it helps the trainee stand out from the crowd, and shows a high standard of education, practical experience and proof of competency.

He said most of the clients ask him when will the certification in plastic welding become mandatory, as certification in metal welding has been for a long time, but right now all you can do is practice. According to Tony, the world of plastic welding is constantly changing and evolving, so you need to make sure you are up to date with all the latest techniques and processes.

Outside of work, Tony has quite a few hobbies, including building and flying radio controlled aircraft, motorcycle repair and re-building, fishing, carpentry, photography and artwork. But his most memorable moment while working for TWI was when he was classed as one of the two most certified plastic welding instructors in the world!

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