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TWI Crystal Updated for Robotic TFM Inspection

Wed, 20 September, 2023

TWI CrystalTM is a complete advanced ultrasonic NDT inspection solution with modular support for a wide range of external hardware, including data acquisition devices and different cobots, robots, and scanners.

The latest release of TWI Crystal, through integration of the Universal Robotics Cobot, now offers the ability for robot-deployed advanced ultrasonic inspection (TFM) based inspections, including self-tandem imaging modes, phase coherence imaging, and angled beam inspection of complex geometric components in 3D, with full support for Full Matrix Capture, Virtual Source Aperture and Plane Wave Imaging being provided.

The software, which you can now trial for free for 90 days, includes a new intuitive path planning utility for cobots.

Through manual movement (drag and place) of the cobot, the TWI Crystal software is able to capture waypoints, which allow a digital twin of the component to be generated.

The resulting digital output allows for intuitive user selection and path generation of scan areas of the component for inspection within seconds, removing the need for expensive third party software.

Once the TFM data is acquired, a wide range of data analysis tools supporting 3D and traditional 2D data visualisation can be used, provided as standard in Crystal.

You can see our video demonstration highlighting the new capabilities of Crystal, below:

Experience the game-changing power of TWI Crystal Software for yourself with our exclusive free 90-day trial.

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