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Showcasing FSW of Steel at European Shipyards Event

Thu, 11 May, 2023

TWI is due to take part in an upcoming event showcasing the novel and technological solutions from three H2020 projects; Fibre4Yards, Mari4Yard, and RESURGAM.

The joint event will feature a diverse array of top-class industry experts and European Commission representatives who will share their views on the development opportunities for European shipyards. In addition, the teams from the three research and innovation projects will showcase their novel technological and digital solutions.

Stephen Cater, an expert in friction stir welding and a representative of TWI and the RESURGAM Project, will present the latest technological advancements in friction stir welding (FSW) of steel.

With years of experience in the field of welding and joining, TWI has been at the forefront of research and innovation for industry, playing a pivotal role in inventing and then further developing FSW technology, which has enabled the production of high-strength, lightweight components for a wide range of applications.

The RESURGAM project aims to address the challenges faced by small and medium-sized European shipyards by improving their productivity in fabricating new, high technology vessels as well as increasing their access to the specialist repair and maintenance market. One of the key areas of focus is the development of friction stir welding technology for use in steel structures, an area that has previously been limited to aluminium.

Stephen Cater's presentation on the latest developments in friction stir welding will be of interest to industry experts and researchers alike.

The event will provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn about the latest technological solutions and exchange knowledge and ideas with their peers.

Organised by the Fibre4Yards, Mari4Yard, and RESURGAM projects, this event promises to be a valuable platform for enhancing the competitiveness of European shipyards and strengthening the industry's position in the global market.

The joint project event is scheduled for the afternoon of May 30th and the full day of May 31st, 2023, at the RDM Innovation Dock in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and promises to be an exciting platform where industry meets research, bringing together experts from across the spectrum to engage in highly interesting and informative discussions.

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The RESURGAM project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101007005

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