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Providing 100 Years of Professional Engineering Support

Thu, 23 February, 2023

Over the past 100 years, The Welding Institute has evolved from relatively humble beginnings as an institution, from uniting just 20 acetylene welders with electric arc engineers to becoming the leading engineering institution for the support of welding and joining professionals.

Being appointed as a Professional Engineering Institution was a landmark in the history of The Welding Institute with a licence being granted by the Engineering Council.

The Engineering Council

The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession, holding national registers for over 228,000 engineers and technicians. The Engineering Council oversees the governance, awarding and retention of the standards of professional competence, ensuring that governments, employers and wider society can be confident in the knowledge, experience and commitment of those holding professional registration titles.

The Welding Institute and the Engineering Council

The grant of a licence to the Institute from the Engineering Council in 1996 means that The Welding Institute can assess candidates for inclusion on the national register of professional engineers and technicians, covering the titles:

Over 42.5% of Welding Institute Members are professionally registered. The Institute works closely with the Engineering Council and is licenced to carry out the process of accreditation and approval of educational programmes.

The Engineering Council acts as a regulator for the engineering profession, setting the standards required for professional registration, including the criteria for the accreditation and approval of education programmes. This provides students, employers and society with the assurance that these approved programmes meet the standards required by the engineering profession.

The Benefits of Professional Registration and Membership with The Welding Institute

Professional registration and membership of The Welding Institute provide a number of benefits:

  • Professional Recognition: Professional registration shows others that you are competent as a result of the skills that you have demonstrated to the Engineering Council and, in turn, can lead to professional recognition from peers including employers, employees and clients.
  • International recognition: Professional registration status is an internationally recognised title.
  • Exposure to career opportunities: Professional registration includes membership benefits that can help you to progress within your career. For example, with the new exclusive Jobsite, which provides access to around 550 trusted companies offering relevant jobs in the welding, joining and allied technologies industries.
  • Build new networks: Professional registration allows you join a growing community, connecting you with peers, colleagues and other likeminded professionals.
  • Industry Influence: Professionally registered engineers or technicians can take on responsibilities to support the development of other professionals. The knowledge and experience you gain from this offer you greater influence within your industry.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from Institute Members:

“The fact that my experience is peer-reviewed speaks volumes. Not having a full bachelor’s degree could automatically make me exempt from some job roles. However, having IEng status shows that I can still work at that level using my experience.” - Carl Lavis IEng MWeldI IWS/EWS

"I believe it is important to be acknowledged by my peers; mainly for recognition of competence, commitment and evidence of expertise" - Jade White BSc BEng (Hons) CEng MWeldI EWE/IWE

Considering Professional Membership and Registration?

If you’re interested in learning more about professional membership and registration, or beginning your journey to become professionally registered, find out more or speak to The Welding Institute’s membership team.

For more information please email: