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Professional Q+A: Sophie Dawson

Thu, 22 June, 2023

To celebrate 100 years of The Welding Institute, we have been speaking with some of our Professional Members to find out more about their careers and their membership of The Institute.

Sophie Dawson EngTech TechWeldI currently works as a Nuclear Welding Inspector (Project Inspector) at Sellafield Ltd. She took some time to tell us about her career journey so far, which began following her GCSEs with an apprenticeship as a nuclear welding inspection technician.

She revealed how she has begun to gain qualifications in her field that help her to do her job as an inspector.

As well as taking us through her day-to-day activities, Sophie revealed why she joined The Welding Institute and what her membership offers her in her career – including access to information, networking opportunities, and support with her professional development.

Taking us through what inspired her to get into engineering and take an apprenticeship, Sophie also opened up about her future plans and offered advice to anyone else who is considering an apprenticeship.

You can read Sophie’s interview in full on The Welding Institute website, here.

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