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Professional Q+A: Professor William Lucas

Thu, 05 October, 2023

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of The Welding Institute and, as part of our year-long celebrations, we have been reaching out to our Professional Members to hear about their careers and memories of membership.

This week we hear from long-serving Member, Professor William Lucas who tells us about how he began his career in engineering as an apprentice metallurgist before going on to gain his qualifications in metallurgy and explosion welding and then coming to work at TWI Ltd.

Working across a range of industries, Professor Lucas told us how he supervised welding projects, provided expert advice and even acted as an expert witness in legal disputes.

Professor Lucas revealed some highlights from his career as well as speaking about the many breakthroughs that he helped deliver through his research. Having been awarded numerous awards, he also told us about the many publications he has been involved in.

In addition to his career story, Professor Lucas opened up about his membership of The Welding Institute and his involvement in different Institute boards over the decades.

The engaging Q+A article concludes with Professor Lucas offering some advice to his younger self, and you can read the full Q+A with him on The Welding Institute website, here.

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