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MAREWIND Consortium Release Newsletter #4

Wed, 22 February, 2023

The MAREWIND project team have released their latest newsletter, providing the latest details on the project’s progress.

The newsletter reveals how the consortium, of which TWI are a part, are now halfway to achieving the goals of MAREWIND following two years of innovative and exciting work to create new solutions for the next generation of offshore wind energy and tidal power systems.

These goals include those related to coatings, materials and the architectural performance of multi-material products in the harsh environments associated with offshore wind.

Anti-corrosion solutions and increased durability are important aspects of the project, along with improved recyclability and reduced maintenance.

Meeting these goals will help to create a more economically viable and sustainable offshore sector, while also contributing to EU climate targets and creating new job opportunities in the industry.

The newsletter includes details of material and coating optimisation and validation work with the aim of scaling these solutions up from laboratory trials to full-scale tests.

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The MAREWIND project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952960

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