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Join Our New Pipe Support Joint Industry Project

Mon, 17 July, 2023

We are launching a new joint industry project (JIP) that will reduce instances of pipeline failure, extending the life of components and saving money for industry.

The project, ‘Inspection of Corrosion at Pipe Supports,’ will address a leading cause of pipeline failure, as saddle clamps and beam supports are both prone to crevice forming, water becoming trapped and held in contact with the pipe itself, and access difficulties for inspection and maintenance.

The project will assess, recommend and validate non-destructive evaluation methods for the inspection of pipe supports as well as producing a best-practice guide for the qualified/validated inspection methods. This will also include details of why any candidate NDT methods did not reach the required levels of accuracy or reliability during the trials.

This independent and impartial study will improve confidence for pipe support inspection, leading to improved plant reliability and safety, potential plant life extension through accurate condition monitoring, and other possible long-term cost benefits due to effective pipeline maintenance.

Why Join the JIP?

Those who join the JIP will be able to guide the direction of the research and will have access to the confidential information that is generated. You will not only be able to share and develop knowledge with other JIP companies, but will also have access to TWI’s independent expertise and world-class research capabilities.

Financially, you will not only be able to access exclusive, industry-changing research that can advance your operations and save costs, but you will see more results from joint sponsorship of the project with other interested parties than you would by investing on your own.

Find Out More and Register to Join

If you feel the informative and potentially cost-cutting ‘Corrosion at Pipe Supports’ project could be of interest to your organisation, you can access more in-depth details and also register your interest in joining, here.

For more information please email: