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IONETIC Become TWI Industrial Members

Fri, 17 November, 2023

We are pleased to welcome UK-based start-up, IONETIC as new Industrial Members of TWI.

IONETIC specialise in electric vehicle (EV) battery pack technology, producing highly-optimised and cost-effective battery pack solutions using a bespoke, state-of-the-art design platform coupled with an in-house production strategy.

With the aim of accelerating the journey towards net zero, IONETIC support automotive OEMs and niche vehicle makers in their transition to electrification.

Covering the complete development process, from initial concepts through to final production, IONETIC streamline time and costs to help deliver safe and effective vehicle-ready products, suited to the needs of their customers.

Industrial Membership of TWI provides Ionetic with access to a unique package of benefits related to all aspects of materials joining and engineering technologies, including access to knowledge and information, a range of technology support, and access to past and current industrial research, in addition to rapid technical support for a range of applications and situations.

Speaking on their Membership, Ionetic’s Chief Manufacturing Officer, Stephen Large said, “We are delighted to join as an Industrial Member of TWI, a hub of technological innovation and collaborative excellence. The team is excited about the prospect of synergising our industry knowledge with TWI's expertise and knowledge base to enhance the capability of our engineering and manufacturing functions. We’re looking forward to accessing the technical resources and learning of the TWI organisation to further develop our ability for innovation and increasing our value as a Member and to our customer base.”

We look forward to supporting IONETIC in their delivery of end-to-end battery pack solutions from prototyping to testing and mass manufacture.

You can find out more about IONETIC and their work on their website, here.

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