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Introducing Welding Institute Ambassador, Cem Selcuk

Fri, 01 December, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Head of Business Development for the TWI Innovation Network, Cem Selcuk has taken on a new role as an Ambassador for The Welding Institute.

Cem is a Fellow of The Welding Institute who has been involved in a range of Institute activities, including with the technical groups as secretary of the Materials Technical Group, the education committees, and aligning innovation, industrial and academic activities with Professional Membership and development; hence connecting both new and existing Members with The TWI Innovation Network and TWI Ltd, spreading across several industry sectors.

His ambassadorial role will see him encourage interest and affiliation with The Welding Institute when engaging with our Industrial Members, promoting the benefits of Professional Membership within companies, whether large enterprises or smaller SMEs. This approach will take on an international perspective, with Cem using a cross-border approach to help create a greater international presence for The Welding Institute.

Speaking on his new role, Cem explained, “I see a lot of industrial companies and their workforce who aspire to be qualified professionals, given the opportunity, and invest time in their professional development en-route to establishing their credentials. There are many young people out there that could do with The Welding Institute's support and guidance for further professional development. I will be no doubt meeting many professionals in person at our industrial and academic activities and also at the meetings and events that we participate in for nurturing a sense of belonging and support for aspiring professionals out there, many of whom are new graduates - whether from a university or a college.”

Cem continued, revealing some of the benefits that Professional Membership of The Welding Institute offers, “The benefits of belonging to an institute, especially a long established professional institution such as The Welding Institute, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, are colossal. You will be surrounded by a community of professionals who feel a sense of loyalty to The Institute and are prepared to help support each other for the progression of not only a fundamental engineering profession, the origins of which date back centuries, but also activities, applications, and innovations that are at the forefront of new advances when it comes to some of challenges we face today - bringing together industry and academia with a sense of collaboration internationally.”

You can find out more about Professional Membership on The Welding Institute website, here, and watch Cem talking about his role as ambassador, below:

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