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International Women's Day 2023

Wed, 15 March, 2023

TWI has always emphasised the importance of providing women with equal opportunities. Every year, TWI Group celebrates International Women's Day in all the international offices. TWI Pakistan believes celebrating International Women's Day is a way of giving honour to every woman in her professional or personal life.

Women have struggled for decades for peace, justice, equality, and development. They have strived to get an equal opportunity to men in whatever field they wish to participate in. TWI Group has provided a great platform and immense opportunities to women around the globe in the field of Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Legal, People & Culture, Information & Technology, and Marketing. Women from various cultural and ethnic groups have joined TWI Group, working together in the best interests of the group.

At TWI Pakistan, 30 percent of our staff members are women. They are equally contributing to the continuous growth of the organisation. We are proud to have such a strong female workforce in our organisation and will continue to support diversity and inclusion in all the areas of our workplace.

Let's appreciate the importance of women in our lives and society as they are playing a significant role in each profession. TWI will continue to support all causes of diversity and inclusion in each area of the organisation and will encourage women to actively participate in activities to achieve even greater things in the future #EmbraceEquity

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